How Tiger made the earth shake again at the Masters

How Tiger made the earth shake again at the Masters

Nobody will ever forget the scene of Woods' son, Charlie, falling into his father's arms like Tiger fell into his father's arms after his record-shattering, barrier-blasting victory as a 21-year-old in 1997.

play 1:37 Tiger celebrates with family after another Masters win 22 years after hugging his father celebrating his first Masters win, Tiger Woods embraces his children after winning his fifth title.

Tiger fans watching from the tee box started cheering and high-fiving one another.

Tiger's first memory of the Masters was watching Nicklaus celebrate his 4-iron shot on that same hole 33 years ago.

play 0:40 Tiger receives green jacket, Masters trophy Tiger Woods slips on the green jacket and raises the Masters trophy for the fifth time in his career.

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